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Constructing two equal angles

Construction- To construct two angles the same measurement Please construct the following. Please make it large enough. not very small thank you

Step1. Draw an acute angle. Label the vertex P.

Step 2. Use a straightedge to draw a ray on your paper. Label the endpoint T.

Step 3. With P as the center , draw a large arc that intersect both sides of angle P. Label the points of intersection Q and R.

Step 4. using the same compass setting put the compass at point T and draw a large arc that starts above the ray and intersects the ray. Label the point of intersection S.

Step5. Place the point of the compass on R and adjust so that the pencil tip is on Q.

Step 6. Without changing the setting, place the compass at point S and draw an arc to intersect the larger arc you drew in step 4. Label the point of intersection U.

Step 7. Use a straightedge to draw ray TU

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<br>Point 1. An acute angle is an angle measuring between 0 and 90 degrees
<br>First we will draw a horizontal line. Then draw a ...

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