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Algebra - Word Problems

Supplementary angles are angles whose measures have a sum of 180degrees. Complementary angles are angles whose measures have the sum of 90 degrees. Find the measure of an angle whose supplement is 10 degrees more than twice it's complement. Let 90- x equal the degree measure of it's complement and 180 -x equal the degree measure of it's supplement. Write and solve an equation.

The table shows the current heights and average growth rates of two different species of trees. How long will it take for the two trees to be the same height?
Tree species. Current height. Annual growth
A. 38 inches. 4 inches
B. 45.5 inches. 2.5 inches

number theory
Mrs. Simms told her class to find two consecutive even integers such that twice the lesser of two integers is 4 less than two times the greater integer.
Write and solve an equation to find the integers.
Does the equation have one solution no solutions or is it an identity? Explain

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(1) Let the angle be x.

Then by data, 180 - x = 10 + 2(90 - x)

180 - x = 10 + 180 - 2x

-x + 2x = 10

x = 10 deg

(2) The height of tree A ...

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