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    Co-Finite Topology

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    2. Let X be given the co-finite topology. Suppose that X is a infinite set. Is X Hausdorff? Should compact subsets of X be closed? What are compact subsets of X?

    3. Let (X,T) be a co-countable topological space. Show that X is connected if it is uncountable. In fact, show that every uncountable subspace of X is connected.

    4. Let X be a set and F is separating collection of functions f: X --> Y_f, each from X into a topological space Y_f. Prove that X with the weak topology by F is Hausdorff.

    5. Explain how we can think of the unit sphere (a subspace of IR^3 with its usual topology) as a subset of the Hilbert cube.

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    Problem 2.
    We'll prove that no two open setsare disjoint, which implies the fact that X is not Hausdorff (see attached).

    Problem 3.
    First assume X is uncountable.
    Let there exist an open set A, in X. Since A is open, XA is countable and closed. Since X is uncountable, A must also be uncountable, as XA is countable. ...

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    In a co-finite topology is a subset Hausdorff? Are compact sets closed? Explain how could we think of the unit sphere as a subset of a Hilbert cube.