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City Design

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City Designer Project

Your city must have at least six parallel streets, five pairs of streets that meet at right angles and at least three transversals.

All parallel and perpendicular streets should be constructed with a straight edge and a compass. Use a protractor to construct the transversal street. Name each street in your city.

Place each of the following on your drawing according to the given specifications:
1- the bank and post office at alternate interior angles.
2- the city hall and the court house at vertical angles.
3- a church and a supermarket at corresponding angles.
4- a gas station and a hardware store on streets that are parallel to each other.
5- the hospital and a general store on a transversal street, and both on the same side of the transversal.
6- a hotel, a beauty salon, and a pharmacy on streets forming right triangles.
7- a park in the city with streets as boundaries in the shape of a trapezoid.
8- five stop lights at intersections of streets that are perpendicular.
9- three yield signs on transversal streets.
10- two flashing red/yellow lights at any two intersecting streets.

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