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Ratios, Proportions, Percentages, Fractions and Word Problem

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Write the ratio of to 6 in simplest form.

Find the unit price for the item: $6.24 for a dozen pears.

Write a proportion that is equivalent to the statement: If 3 pizzas can feed 6 people, then 9 pizzas can feed 18 people

Is the rate equivalent to the rate ?

Solve for the unknown:

Write 58% as a fraction or a mixed number.

Write as a percent to the nearest tenth of a percent.

Find 60% of 3,200.

64 is 8% of what number?


8 h 281 min

Subtract, and simplify answer.

If D measures 72°, what percent of a complete circle is this angle?

mB  63

Find the complement of B.

Find the supplement of B.

Find m2.

Find m3.

The two triangles are similar. Find the indicated side.

Find x.

Find the missing length of the right triangle.

Approximate by giving the two whole numbers that it lies between.

The electricity costs of a business decreased from $16,000 one year to $11,000 the next. To the nearest whole percent, what was the rate of decrease?

On the blueprint of Lauren's new office building, the scale is 3 in. equals 8 ft. What will be the actual length of Lauren's office if it measures 6 in. long on the blueprint?

Roberto has 22% of his pay withheld for deductions. If he earns $680 per week, what amount is withheld?

If a salesman is paid a $2,100 commission on the sale of a $35,000 sailboat, what is his commission rate?

A caterer made 150 sandwiches for 120 people. How many sandwiches are there for each person?

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