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    Ratios and proportions

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    What are ratios and proportions?

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    Ratios are pairs of numbers that are used to make comparisons.
    A ratio compares two numbers using a fraction. Ratios can be written with different notations:
    2 to 3
    all have the same meaning.

    Putting two numbers in a ratio gives you a sense of the relative
    sizes of two numbers. For instance to know the ratio of 200 to
    100 you say it is 200/100 = 2. That means 200 is twice the size of 100.

    The best way to explain this is by example:

    If you have a pet store with 12 cats and 18 dogs, then the ratio of cats to dogs is 12/18 = 2/3, and the ratio of dogs to cats is 18/12 = 3/2. This is, there are 3 ...

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    This explains ratios and proportions.