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    Finite Mathematics and Combinations

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    1.A safe can be unlocked by pressing the correct sequence of buttons. A display of five buttons on the door is shown below...
    2.How many 3-letter code words are possible using the first 10 letters of the alphabet if
    a) no letter can repeat; b) letters can be repeated; c) adjacent letters cannot be the same?
    3.Six people are going to travel to Mexico City by car. There are six seats available in the car. In how many different ways can the six people be seated in the car if only three of them can drive?
    4.Baskin Robbins serves "31 Flavors" of ice cream. How many different two-scoop ice cream cones are possible if two different flavors are used on each cone and the order of the scoops doesn't matter*? (*Chocolate on top and vanilla on the bottom is the same as chocolate on the bottom and vanilla on top.)
    8. For the sample space ...
    12. A student is to be selected randomly from a group of ...
    14. A music store has ...
    (Please see finite mathematics doc for math problems, also please see additional attachments for problems 8,12 and 14).

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