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    Critical thinking logic problem

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    Consider the following six" postulates"
    Art, Bev, Cheryl , Dot and Ed all attend the same college where one is a freshman, one is a sophomore, one is a junior, one is a senior and one is a graduate student.
    - Art, Bev, and Cheryl have not yet completed .
    - Bev is one year ahead of Ed
    - Ed is not a freshman
    - Art is in a higher class than Ed

    Reason and discover each student's class in college. Write down a step by step dsecription on how to use these postulates to solve this problem.
    Please send the response with five complete sentences that match the students with the proper rank.
    Thank you

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    Ed is not a graduate student or senior (Bev and Art are both higher), or freshman (given).
    Art is higher ...

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    This shows how to use critical thinking to solve a logic problem regarding level in college for five students: Art, Bev, Cheryl, Dot and Ed.