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    maximum allowable stress

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    Task 3
    For the pulley shown below, the tension T in the cable is 100N. First express each tension in Cartesian form and add these together to find the resultand force on the pulley shaft of diameter 12mm. Then express the resultant force in Polar form. Hence determine the shear stress in the pulley shaft. given that it is in double shear

    Task 4
    For the pulley arrangment in Task 3, determine the maximum tension T allowable in the cable, if the shear stress in the pulley shaft is to be kept to 100 MN/m squared.

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    (3) Let's denote:

    F1= tension on lower cable end
    F2= tension on upper cable end
    Rx= horizontal reaction in the bracket
    Ry= vertical reaction in the bracket

    Considering the given angles and the corresponding projections, the vector expressions of the tensions will be:
    ( 1)
    ( 2)
    where unit vectors on (Ox) and (Oy) axes

    The resultant force is given by adding both vector forces of above:

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