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Related Rates Word Problem

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A highway patrol helicopter hovers 3/10 mile above a level, straight interstate highway which has a posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour. The helicopter pilot sees a car on the highway and determines with radar that at that particular instant, the distance between the helicopter and the car is 1/2 mile and is increasing at a rate of 64 miles per hour. Should the driver of the car be ticketed for speeding? Set up and solve a related rates problem to justify answer. Hint: Find the car's speed along the highway.

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The solution shows how to set up and solve a related rates problem to determine if a car should be ticketed for speeding.

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See the attached file for the diagram.

The best way to start this problem is by making a sketch. I've attached a word document that shows the situation.

The first thing to see here is ...

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