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    Determine angles and force of volleyball net

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    1. 43.6°.
    2. M x = -31.2N x m; My = 13.20 N x m; Mz = -2.42 N x
    3. Ǿ = 24.6°; d = 34.6 in.

    I'm having some problems with my work and need some assistance on how to get the answer. IF possible, please try to add some sort of diagram.

    1. Consider the volleyball net shown. Determine the angle formed by guy wires AB and AC.

    2. The 0.61 x 1.00- m lid ABCD of a storage bin is hinged along side AB and is held open by looping cord DEC over a frictionless hook at E . If the tension in the cord is 66 N, determine the moment about each of the coordinate axes of the force exerted by the cord at D .

    3. To loosen a frozen valve, a force F of magnitude 70 lb is applied to the handle of the valve. Knowing that = 25°, M x = -61 lb x ft, and M z = -43 lb x ft, determine Ǿ and d.

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