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Word problem: cost comparison

A parent is deciding which babysitter to use in the neighborhood. Babysitter A charges $20 per hour and a base rate of $60 per day. Babysitter B charges a base rate of $50 per day and $25 per hour. For how many hours of babysitting do the two babysitters charge the same amount?

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The basic steps in solving any word problem are as follows:

1. Define the variable.
2. Translate the English expressions into mathematical expressions.
3. Set up an equation in the variable.
4. Solve the equation for the variable.
5. Check the solution.


First, we define the variable: Let the variable "h" denote the number of hours worked.


Next, we "translate" each of the English expressions (about total pay) into a mathematical expression.

Babysitter A ...

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A detailed, step-by-step solution of the number of hours of babysitting for which the two babysitters charge the same amount is presented.