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    Analytical Hierarchy Process

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    Hi, I need some assistance with the following task, I am not too sure how to approach it.

    Research and find an article related to the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) used in project management. Perform an online search, and locate an online article that is at least two to three pages.

    Read the article and think about how the information on AHP in the article relates to the information provided about AHP. Using a word processor like MS Word, write a summary report detailing the contents of the article, comparing the information to that which is included in the text.

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    AHP is one of the tools utilized in coming up with decisions on addressing a problem or in solving an issue or concern. It requires a multi-criteria evaluation of a project-related concern (or other concerns). According to an online source, "the first and the most important step in the Analytic Hierarchy Process that determines the entire process of multi-criteria evaluation is building a decision model which contains a list of alternatives and a hierarchy of criteria" (http://makeitrational.com/analytic-hierarchy-process/ahp-model).

    The process:
    In finding a solution to a problem, one comes up with a list of alternatives. These are possible solutions to a problem at hand. The list of alternatives is evaluated through a hierarchy of criteria to ensure that there is a strong basis of determining alternatives that do not meet minimum requirements and therefore should be ...

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