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    The Nature and Science of Management

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    Need some guidance on:

    Please read Lamond, D. (2005). On the value of management history: Absorbing the past to understand the present and inform the future. Management Decision. London: 2005. Vol.43 , Iss. 10; pg. 1273.

    After reading the above;

    -Identify at least two different management theories

    -From each of these these theories, pick out two "universal" management principles/skills that you believe are important and should be implemented in any current high level management role.

    Kerns, D. (n.d.) Overview of Management Theory. Retrieved Feb. 2011, from: http://www.kernsanalysis.com/sjsu/ise250/history.htm

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    Maslow's hierarchy of needs management theory is an interesting theory that points out the key factors that drive individual motivation, and how an understanding of these key factors can be used in the management of individuals. By understanding that individual motivation is based on a hierarchy of needs, leadership can use the fulfillment of these needs as the basis by which to effectively manage and motivate them to achieve the organizational objectives. Scientific management is a theory of management that ...