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Transportation Modeling Problems

21. In a balanced transportation model where supply equals demand, none of the constraints are equalities.

22. In a transshipment problem, items may be transported from sources through transshipment points on to destinations.

23. An assignment problem is a special form of transportation problem where all supply and demand values equal 1.

24. In an assignment problem,
a. one agent can do parts of several tasks
b. one task can be done by only one agent
c. each agent is assigned to its own best task
d. all of the above

25. In a transshipment problem, items may be transported
a. from destination to destination
b. from one transshipment point to another
c. directly from sources to destinations
d. all of the above

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21. FALSE. because constraints can be equality. there is no restriction concerning constraints.
22. TRUE. A Transportation problem in which available commodities frequently moves ...

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