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    Solving Equations and Applications of Equations

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    Provide solutions and explanation to 3 rational and radical equation exercises which are attached.

    1. The Crest Holding Company found that the cost per report to producing the annual company report is given by the equation:

    C = 150 + 0.6x

    Where C is the cost per report and x is the number of reports printed.

    Just by looking at the equation :

    (a) What do you think the number 150 represents?

    (b) What happens to the cost per report as the number of reports gets very large?

    2. What are extraneous solutions of an equation? Why do they sometimes occur in the process of solving rational or radical equations? Provide examples to support your answer.

    3. Solve the equation x2 + 8x - 2 = 0 using both

    (1) The Quadratic Formula
    (2) Completing the Square

    Write a paragraph describing which method you prefer and why.

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