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Powers and Exponents Word Problems

1) Find the value of 18, 19, and 110. What can you say about the value of any power of 1?
Explain the reasoning.

2) A solar-powered water pump system in Desert Range, Utah, has two solar panels, each containing 6 rows of modules. Each row has 6 modules. How many modules are in each panel? Write the answer as a power. Then find the total number of modules in the system.

3) Your cousin, who washes high-rise windows, is assigned a section of 10 rows of windows. Each row contains 10 windows.

a. How many windows are in the section? Write the answer as a power.

b. Your cousin estimates that it takes 5 minutes to wash one window. How long will the entire job take?

c. Can your cousin complete the job in 8 hours? Explain the reasoning.

4. You are enlarging a photo on your computer screen. The photo starts at 3 centimeters wide. Each time you enlarge the photo, its width is doubled. You enlarge the photo four times. What is the final width of the photo on your screen?

5) On Tuesday, you invited 2 friends to your party. On Wednesday, each of these friends invited 2 other friends. This pattern continued Thursday and Friday. How many people were invited on Friday? Write the answer as a power. How many people were invited in all? Explain the reasoning.

6) You have 100 square tiles from a large square tabletop to make two smaller tabletops. What dimensions can the smaller tabletops have so all the tiles are used? Explain the reasoning.


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