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Algebraic excercises Related to exponents and radicals

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Please refer to attached file for complete description of problems. Short description of problems is given below

1) Converting Exponents into radicals and vice versa.

2) Simplification of radicals in fraction forms

3) Converting the expressions into exponents with no negative exponents

4) Factorize the expressions

5) Finding the missing terms

6) Simplify the complex and simple fractions

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The solution describes the steps in converting radicals to exponents form and vice versa. It helps in converting algebraic exponents into expressions with no negative expressions. Step by step method is explained to simplify complex and simple algebraic expressions in fraction forms.

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Entire exercises are solved with the help of equation writer for better clarity of expressions. It may not print here. Please refer attached file for complete solution.


We know that

Solutions 1(a)

Solutions 1 (b)

Solution 1(c)

We know that 16 can be written as 2*2*2*2= . So, expression can be written as

Solution 1(d)

Solution 2

Solution 2(a)

Solution 2(b

Solution 2c

Solution 2(d)


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