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Algebra questions and word problems

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5y -7 + y=7y + 21 -5y

Clear fractions or decimals first.
x - + x = + x

0.96y - 0.79 = 0.21y + 0.46

5(t + 3) + 9 = 3(t-2) + 6

13 - (2c + 2) = 2(c + 2) + 3c

46. 112 Ax + By = c, for y

The number of calories K needed each day by a moderately active man who weighs
w kilograms, is h centimeters tall, and is a years old can be estimated by the formula

K = 19.18w + 7h - 9.52a + 92.4

Selena left a 15% tip of $8.40 for a meal.
What was the cost of the meal before the tip?
What was the total cost of the meal including the tip?

The US Postal Service reports that we open and read 78% of the junk mail that we receive. A sports instructional videotape company sends out 10,500 advertising brochures.
How many of the brochures can it expect to be opened and read?
The company sells videos to 189 of the people who receive the brochure. What percent
Of the 10,500 people who receive the brochure buy the video?

The area of Lake Superior is about four times the area of Lake Ontario. The area of Lake
Superior is 30,172 mi What is the area of Lake Ontario?

Americans spent a total of $35 billion to remodel bathrooms and kitchens. Twice as much was spent on kitchens as bathrooms. How much was spent on each?

The ages of Whitney, Wesley, and Wanda are consecutive integers. The sum of their ages is 108. What are their ages?

Value Rent-A-Car rents vans at a daily rate of $84.95 plus 60 cents per mile. Molly rents a van to deliver electrical parts to her customers. She is allotted a daily budget of $320. How many miles can she drive for $320. I know that 60 cents= $0.60


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