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Evaluate this polynomial for r = 8%.

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2. Page 237, problem 102
Increasing deposits. At the beginning of each year for 5 years, an investor invests in a mutual fund with an average annual return of r. The first year she invest $10; the second year, she invest $20; the third year; she invests $30; the fourth year, she invest $40; the fifth year, she invest $50. Let x=1+r and write a polynomial at the end of the fifth year. Evaluate this polynomial for r = 8%.

14. Page 579, problem 20
Find the exact solution to the problem
The length of a rectangle is 2 ft longer then the width. If the area is 16 ft^2, then what are the length and width?

Solve Page 266 problem 80
Perform the computations, write answer in scientific notation.
80. (2 x 1014)-1


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