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    Algebra Word Problems -- Unit 2

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    Problem 13.
    A discount store sold plastic cups for $3.50 each and ceramic cups for $4 each. If 400 cups were sold for a total of $1,458, how many cups of each type were sold? What was the dollar value of each type of cup sold?

    Problem 15.
    Lashonna Harris is a buyer for Plough. She can purchase 100 pounds of chemicals for $97. At this same rate, how much would 2,000 pounds of chemical cost?

    Problem 5.
    Last week at a festival, a man sold 3 times as many tie-dyed T-shirts as silk-screened shirts. He sold 200 shirts altogether. How many tie-dyed shirts did he sell?

    Problem 6.
    A man ordered 4 times as many boxes of ballpoint pens as boxes of felt-tip pens. Ball point pens cost $4.44 per box, and felt-tip pens cost $3.41. If the man's order of pens totaled $63.51, how many boxes of each type of pens did he buy?
    How many boxes of felt-tip pens did he buy?

    Problem 9.
    A company purchased $10,000 pair of men slacks for $18.76 per pair and marked them up $22.33. What was the selling price of each pair of slacks? Use the formula S=C+M.

    Problem 10.
    A company sold bird feeder for $72.27 and had marked them up $36.92. What was the cost of the feeders? Use the formula S=C+M.

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