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Problem Solving Using Polya's 4 step model

This is the Problem:

Public relations. Memorial Hospital is planning an
advertising campaign. It costs the hospital $3000 each time
a television ad is aired and $2000 each time a radio ad is
aired. The administrator wants to air 60 more television
ads than radio ads. If the total cost of airing the ads is
$580,000, then how many ads of each type will be aired?

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Polya's four-step approach to problem solving:
Step 1 of Palya's four step approach is to understand the problem. What is known? What is unknown? It is impossible to solve a problem, if you do not understand what the problem is asking.
Step 2 is to devise a plan. How are you going to attack the problem? Here is a list of tips Palya (and others) give.
(a) Guess and check. Trial and error. Guess and test.
(b) Draw a picture.
(c) Label appropriate unknown and know quantaties.
(d) Make a list.
(e) Solve a simpler problem.
(f) Look for patterns.
(g) Come up with an equation.

Step 3 is to carry out your plan. If you plan of attack does not work don't be discouraged, try something new. Often the first ...

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