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    Excel--Heart Rate

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    Chapter 1-1 Heart Rate

    Project Description:
    In this problem, you will investigate the heart rate at different ages. You will also provide the results as a column chart. Use a cell reference or a single formula where appropriate.

    Steps to Perform:
    1 Start Excel. Download and open the workbook named:
    2 In cell C11, use the appropriate formula to calculate the heart rate for the age in cell C10. Format cell C11 as Number with 1 decimal place.
    3 In cell C16, use the appropriate formula to calculate the heart rate for the age in cell B16. Fill cell C16 down the column to cell C25.
    4 In cells K18:R33, insert a Clustered Column Chart to show the relationship between the heart rate and the age. Select the range B16:C25. On the Insert tab, click Recommended Charts, and then click Clustered Column. Apply Style 6 on the Design tab. Add a chart title and choose the Above Chart option. Replace Chart Title with Heart Rate. Add axis titles. Replace Axis Title for the horizontal axis with Age (years) and Axis Title for the vertical axis with Beats per Minute.

    Note: The category x-axis labels should be from 10 to 100 with increment 10.

    Use a cell reference or a single formula where appropriate in order to receive full credit. Do not copy and paste values or type values, as you will not receive full credit for your answers.

    Average heart rate (in beats per minute) is given by the following formula:
    Heart Rate = (220 -Age) * 70%.

    a) Input Age:
    Output Heart Rate:
    b.) Create a Table of values, separate from the input/output cells in part a, for Heart Rate as a function of Age. Use cell references and fill down.
    c.) Create a well-labeled column chart of this table from part b. Add axis labels with the units of the variables, and add a title with name of the dependent variable. Axis labels and the title should be chosen from the list:
    a. Heart Rate
    b. Age (years)
    c. Beats per Minute

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