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Now that cigarette smoking has been clearly tied to lung can

Now that cigarette smoking has been clearly tied to lung cancer, researchers are focusing on possible links to other diseases. The data below show annual rates of cigarette consumption and deaths from coronary heart disease for several nations. Some public health officials are urging that the United States adopt a national goal of cutting cigarette consumption in half over the next decade.
Examine these data and write a report. In your report you should:
? include appropriate graphs and statistics;
? describe the association between cigarette smoking and coronary heart disease;
? create a linear model;
? evaluate the strength and appropriateness of your model;
? interpret the slope and y-intercept of the line;
? use your model to estimate the potential benefits of reaching the "national goal" proposed for the United States.

Please help with the first question only: 8-6 Chapter 8 - Linear Regression "Smoking"


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We can arrange the data in Excel and plot t
he death as a function of the number of people smoking. The graph is as follows:

As we can see from the graph, there is a general trend that the number of death due to heart disease increases with the cigarette consumption.
A linear model was created by excel by fitting a linear trendline. The trendline equation is:
Death (y) = ...

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