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    Foundational of Criminal Justice

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    Please be detail and write at least 6-8 sentences for each questions so I can understand. Includes References. Write clearly!!

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    Textbook infor: Clear, T.R., Cole, G.E. & Reisig, M.D. (2016). American Corrections (11th Edition)
    New York, USA.: Cengage Learning.


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    Actions for Truth in Sentencing
    Are truth-in-sentencing laws a good idea? What are their implications for crime control? for due process? for costs to the public?

    Truth in sentencing laws are only effective when dealing with violent offenders, but these laws are a disgrace when applied to nonviolent drug offenders. If the criminal justice system in America wasn't flawed beyond repair currently, the objective of prison would be to ensure that justice is afforded to victims of violent crime by reducing the possibility of early release from incarceration of violent offenders until they have served at least 85% of their sentence to ensure that they pay for their crimes and can potentially emerge from prison as rehabilitated men and women. This is difficult to occur because of the fact that prisons are currently under a punitive model, and in addition, mandatory minimum sentences that spawned the "truth-in-sentencing" paradigm actually began with crack cocaine sentencing wherein Congress passed the only law of its kind to marginalize Black males. This law required for mandatory sentences in federal court for Blacks who were caught with at least 5 grams of crack cocaine wherein it was a 5 year mandatory sentence, yet the same sentence would require 500 grams of powdered cocaine. It takes powdered cocaine to make crack cocaine, and therefore, it is racist and pathetic that truth-in-sentencing emerged from this paradigm where these nonviolent drug offenders were required to serve at least 85% of their federal sentence for quintessentially 5 rocks of crack while a white offender caught with 3 ounces of powdered cocaine are anything below 500 grams could receive probation. The criminal injustice system doesn't serve the entire population but preys on minorities.

    Actions for Legal Rights
    What difficulties might you, as a correctional officer, foresee in attempting to run your unit of the institution while at the same time upholding the legal rights of the prisoners?

    Upholding the legal rights of prisoners shouldn't be a question but rather a constitutional right that is guaranteed to prisoners. The ...

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