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    Policing in America

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    As in any career or profession, law enforcement agencies look for the best of the best. The book covers the recruiting process and what law enforcement agencies are looking for when hiring the ideal police officer.
    ◦Describe the ideal traits of police officer.
    ◦Offer details as to why these traits are important and how they enhance law enforcement.
    ◦Discuss the problems and successes associated with recruitment of new law enforcement officers.
    ◦How is the ideal law enforcement officer found?
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    ◦Describe the ideal traits of police officer.

    The ideal traits of a police officer entail honesty, integrity, a passion for justice, and the desire to serve and protect their community. Police officers should be educated as well and possess at least 2 years of college experience. In addition, police officers need to be in shape as their jobs require running, physical force, and other forms of physical exertion that can't be safely done by those who are not in good physical shape. Police officers also need to be able to exert fairness and equality when engaging in decision-making as much of policing entails discretionary decisions that allow the individual officer a wide array of options and decisions that they can make in regard to arresting a subject. ...

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    Policing in America is examined. Why these traits are important and how they enhance law enforcement is examined.