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This post addresses deliquency and school failure.

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Explain and analyze the three theoretical explanations of the delinquency and school failure relationship:

1. School failure is a direct cause of delinquent behavior.
2. School failure leads to emotional and psychological problems.
3. School failures and delinquency share a common cause such as poverty or family disruption.

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1. School failure is definitely a direct cause of delinquent behavior. We can look at this from two sides - from the side of the kids failing at school that engage in delinquent behavior compared to the kids succeeding school at their rates of delinquent behavior. We find that kids failing in school attend school less. It is a proven fact that to get good grades, you have to be in class. The problem is that there is a cycle present. Oftentimes, cases of initial failure in school lead to delinquent behavior. The delinquent behavior acts to keep the juveniles out of school and continuing to participate in the delinquent behavior, and the juveniles therefore continue to attend school less, which means that their grades suffer even more, and that they continue to fail in school. We can look at this from the point of juveniles that succeed in school. Those who succeed in school have the highest attendance rates, because they are there for the lectures, the lab exercises, the exams, and are active participants in the classroom process. The juveniles who are in class and participating are there - and not out engaging in delinquent behavior. They're in the library studying after school, or working on their homework, which leads to ...

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The solution provides a very detailed discussion examining each of the three circumstances presented regarding delinquency and school failure. References are also included.

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