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    Individuals with head injuries (TBI) and memory articles

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    This solution locates two articles for the topic memory and learning within individuals with head injuries.

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    As you briefly develop two annotation articles for the topic of memory and learning within individuals with head injuries, one article deals with learning tactics for kids with TBI:

    Bowen, J. M. (2005). Classroom Interventions for Students With Traumatic Brain Injuries. Preventing School Failure, 49(4), 34-41.

    The purpose of Bowen's study is to accommodate students with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in school settings to cope with the plethora of cognitive, psychosocial, and physical deficits that can negatively impact their academic functioning.

    Bowen's findings show how successful educational reintegration for students with TBI can occur by careful assessment of each child's unique needs and abilities and the selection of ...

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    This solution contains 300 words of notes and APA sources to describe how memory and learning challenges occur within individuals with head injuries or TBI. All references used are included, and an article is attached.