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Human Resource Management Practices in the United Kingdom

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Please provide a comparative analysis of Human Resource management (HRM Practices) in the United Kingdom, bearing in mind its Recruitment, Selection, Reward, and Flexible working. I would also need to draw up a profile of the United Kingdom in terms of what the common HRM practices are, and why they are used (in terms of cultural or institutional reasons).

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The solution discusses human resources management practices in the UK.

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There is a lot available here. I'm going to try to keep this as simple as I can.
Often, what I do is find some good sources and deal with them one at a time. You can then take that and expand upon it, putting together a good answer. What I have below is relevant to all aspects of your question.

Here is one of the standard scholarly works important to you:

Major issues:

UK HR focuses on the locality and ?blends in? with local culture. Because the UK is less regulated than the rest of Europe, UK investors have a tendency to be more autonomous in their local practice. There is less of a centralized structure overall. Germans, for example, are more ?institutional? and centralized in their focus.

Remember too that worker councils are not part of the Anglo-American world. They are in Europe. Hence, the focus on HR is person to person rather than institutional. Labor contracts, in other words, are not negotiated with a union or some other collective, but are done according to the basic principle of individualism.

European firms also engage in basic technical training when hired. This is not the case in the Anglo-American world. This is very significant.

So to summarize:

UK practice is individualistic. Training is up to the person. HR ...

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