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Expansion to the US: work structures and challenges of cross-cultural organization

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Your organization has just announced that it will be expanding to the United States. You have been asked to make recommendations for the organizational design of the company at the U.S. location. To prepare for this, you will research other companies in your country that have established offices in the United States.

Prepare a memo of recommendation to the management to include the following:

a. Describe the work structures for organizational functions at the parent company location.
b. Based upon your research, what challenges will your organization face in creating a cross-cultural organization in the United States?
c. Will you duplicate the same organizational design that you currently have at the parent company location? Justify your

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This solution answers questions based on work structure in the United States and the challenges of cross-cultural organizations.

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Structure in Home Country

Currently, the Parent Company is divided into the following divisions and functions:

1. Research and Development - which is tasked with research, design and development for new products and existing products for improvement

2. Purchasing - which is tasked with the purchase of materials and services needed by operations and the other divisions within the company? The division also requisitions capital assets for the Parent Company.

3. Production - produces the company's products.

4. Marketing and Sales - distributes the company's products and also establishes, develops and maintains customer relationship

5. Accounting - is tasked with financial information accuracy and integrity.

Perhaps, the most important attribute of the current organizational structure of the Parent Company is how it is managed. As a relatively Asian company, Parent Company has a centralized management structure. That is strategic and operational plans are made by top management, and then cascaded to the divisional functions for implementation.

Challenges for a Cross-Cultural Organization in the United States

An Asian company ...

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