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    Chinese Marketing Analysis

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    The purpose of this paper (e.g. literature review, biblography) is utilized in order to examine the characteristics of Chinese culture which are different from the West (in terms of multicultural marketing) and to examine, the legal, political, social and economic implications of Chinese multicultural marketing and trading.

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    II. Chinese Market Analysis
    According to Zhao, Chu & Yi Chen (2010) in this study, it is proposed that market competitiveness plays an important role in determining the influence of perceived managerial discretion on firm performance. According to these authors, in a survey of 169 top managers of Chinese businesses, it was found that in highly competitive markets, perceived managerial discretion and firm performance was positively related to corporate performance. In contrast, these authors point out, where there was little or no competition, perceived managerial discretion and corporate performance were negatively correlated.
    Zhao, Chu & Yi Chen (2010) in examining these results suggest that companies operating in highly competitive markets should allow their managers greater discretion in making strategic choices in reacting to the dynamics of the environment. Conversely, these authors point out, companies in less competitive markets should limit their managerial discretion to prevent managers from abusing this power for personal benefits.
    In examining another perspective in an analysis of the Chinese market system, Shu and Bian (2003) measure the relationship between market transition and gender gap in earnings in urban China. In terms of the proportion of the gender gap in earnings attributeable to education and occupational segregation having increased over time, this change is disproportional, according to Shu and Bian, occurring largely in the most marketized cities.
    In these cities, the significance of market-related mechanisms-education and occupation and industry-placement-has increased, while the contribution of redistribution-related mechanisms, affliation with the state sector, party membership, and seniority, has decreased. These authors conclude that all of these changes indicated that the Chinese market transition is a nonlinear, cumulative process.
    In terms of customer and consumer analysis of the Chinese market system, Chan (2009) examines how a Chinese life insurance market is emerging in the presence of incompatible shared values and ideas acting as cultural barriers, and how these cultural barriers shape the formation of the market. Chan points to three mechanisms through which the two forms of culture interact in shaping a new economic practice or the formation of a new market.
    First, according to Chan (2009) in citing Campbell (1998) shared meanings and values about the world generates a configuration of folklore, values, moralities and perceptions. According to these authors, this folklore, values, moralities and perceptions in turn mold a pattern of preferences and dispositions that can be compatible or incompatible with the profit-making logic of a new economic ...

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    The focus of this paper is interdisciplinary in nature; examining the legal, political, social and economic implications of of Chinese multicultural marketing; and also, in examining the implicatiions of these aspects of Chinese cultural marketing in terms of recent China's ability to transform itself-- with an almost 30% drop in poverty within the past five years or so. Comparisons are also made in terms of the realities of global trade of China with that of the United States and the European Union.