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George Washington's Leadership Qualities

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1) What are 4 strengths that Washington had as president which played a strong role in the foundation of the US?
2) What did Washington do in the Battle of Trenton where his leadership led to military success?
3) What did Washington do in the Battle of Lexington-Concord where his leadership led to military success?
4) What are some things that we still abide by today that George Washington created?
5) What are 3 things that we can credit George Washington for besides creating the US, 1st cabinet, and the supreme court that pertain to his legacy?

Also, provide:
1) Quotes to support Washington taking leadership.
2) Quote that talks about how Washington understood political and economic issues related to military power.
3) Quote that talks about how Washington used geographic features to his advantage.
4) Quote that talks about how Washington used mobility, strategic retreat.
5) Quote that talks about how Washington fought a defensive war.
6) Quotes from others about George Washington's legacy.

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The student wanted to know about the leadership qualities that made George Washington an effective military leader and president. He or she also wanted to know where to find some good Washington quotes.

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First, let me say that Question No. 3 seems to be a trick question (or an outright mistake) on the part of your high school teacher. George Washington had nothing at all to do with the battles of Lexington and Concord, which occurred in April 1775. He was at his Mount Vernon plantation in Virginia. Washington was not asked by the Continental Congress to become the Commander in Chief of the newly-formed Continental Army until June 1775.

The reasons why the Continental Congress asked him to do that speak to the qualities that made Washington an effective leader, both militarily and later as the U.S.'s first president. First, he had some military experience during the previous French & Indian War. He had fought alongside the British against the French and thus knew how the British military he was going to have to fight now worked. In general, Washington was also conservative and careful about what he did. He realized that the British had superior numbers and training and they could probably destroy his army if he did not pick his opportunities to fight them. Washington as a young man had also been a surveyor so he knew the lay of the land well.

The Battle of Trenton fought on December 26, 1776 is a prime example. After the British had ousted the Continental Army from Long Island and New York City in August 1776, Washington retreated to the ...

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