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    The Ways Washington was Mythologized in the Early 19th Century

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    Discuss the ways Washington was mythologized in the early 19th century, and try to come up with reasons WHY Americans felt the need to mythologize Washington in this way. (Note: the second part of this question is more interpretive and speculative)

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    George Washington was mythologized in the 18th century because of his role in liberating the colonies from the British Empire and because he was the country's first president. The leadership of George Washington greatly contributed to the colonies' victory for various reasons. Below are two examples:

    1) despite defeats in the war's early years, Washington was able to keep his army fighting

    2) Historians claim that Washington was one of the war's few generals whose presence on the battlefields could inspire troops to heroism

    Washington was mythologized in diverse ways. Here are 2 examples:

    1) The Legend of the Cherry ...

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    This solution highlights the various ways (and reasons) George Washington was mythologized in the early 19th century.