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Voice Reconstruction in Writing

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Change the voice of following paragraph by rewriting it to reflect a softer tone.
If you want your rent this month, you'd better do something about the leaky kitchen faucet. I've told you about this at least five times and still you have done nothing. The dripping at night driving me mad. I don't know what ever possessed me to rent such a pigsty. But if you don't do something about it, I'm going to go to the city and complain and tell them what a roach-infested dump you're renting to innocent people.

What attitude towards medical doctors does the following paragraph reveal? What kind of person might write such a paragraph?

If I had a cancer, I would not submit to chemotherapy. I watched my mom have chemotherapy, and it made her so weak that she often said, "I can't take this anymore." I can't see why it would be beneficial to put what is obviously a strong poison into any human body. Surely, nature has better ways of curing cancer than chemotherapy. Doctors are just too tunnel-visioned to use natural herbs to help cure cancer. They think that only prescriptions you get through pharmaceutical companies can possibly be effective; yet, I think someone who was cured of breast cancer by drinking a quart of juice every day.

Which of the following statements that follow reflect the more rational and objective tone toward a photographic exhibit? Identify the vocabulary that makes the difference.

a. This photographic exhibit is a wonderful gallery of varied portraits politician, seamstress, drifter, ballet dancer, mother, and much more. Each portrait has been shot against a starkly white background, which seems to allow no place for the subject to hide and therefore suggests a confrontational intimacy between the photographer and the subject. Because of the backlighting involved, each head appears to sprout a halo that contrasts paradoxically with the shadows on the face, lending a be gulling mystery to the facial features in each frame

b. After staring at this at this portrait gallery for almost an hour, I decided that it was all meaningless trash. Who wants to waste time looking at this sort of nightmare? This is not art; it is the revelation of a sick mind. All I could see were me and women photographed against a white wall. Some kind of weird circle of light surrounded their heads. But their faces were dark and wrinkled. The ugliness of their faces really buffed me. I felt depressed to think that this Halloween type exhibit was considered great modern art and was shown at the local museum.

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Displays different ways of changing your voice tone in writing.

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The dripping of the leaky kitchen faucet has been a recurring concern, which I have registered complaints about a minimum of five times. I know my rental rights and have decided to consult the city to complain about the refusal by management to address this issue. As a result of the apartment management's malfeasance in this matter I have decided to exercise my right to withhold rent ...

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