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Social Security Contribution as Public Policy Issue

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Hello. Please help me put together the following paper:

This paper is based on a current policy issues that has been or will be implemented.
- The paper lists the key players that were or will be involved in the implementation (minimum of three).
- The paper describes the roles of each of the key players in the implementation.
- The paper identifies the positive and negative influence each of the assigned roles can have on the implementation.
- The author lists potential key points (for future or hypothetical implementation) or improvements that could have been made in a past implementation.

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Solution Summary

The solution is a 1,789-word sample essay that discusses and explains what public policy problems are and then goes on to tackle one as a case study - the issue of Social Security Contribution. The issue is presented, analysed for root cause & government reaction, decisions and resolutions in relation to the problem. Prior to the essay, advise is provided in tackling public policy issues and a sample outline for such research papers is also provided. A word version of the solution is attached for printing.

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Dear Student,
Hello. The problem asks you to do 2 'main things' - first to define and discuss public problems and public policy, second is to provide an example of a public problem and to present possible solutions. The exercise is designed to teach one component of Public Administration and Governance - identifying social issues and putting ...

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