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    Motivations For Roman Imperialism

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    In the second century B.C.E., did the Romans want to annex Asia Minor and Greece? Why? Would you consider Rome's actions to be aggressive or defensive imperialism? In other words, why did Rome conquer? Were the Romans looking for security? Wealth? Power? Fame?

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    This essay question is broken into several sub-questions but will be relatively easy to respond to and construct. By the conclusion of your essay, the reader should be able to answer these questions:
    1. Where is Asia Minor relative to second century Rome?
    2. Did Rome have a goal to conquer the areas that constituted Asia Minor?
    3. If they did, at what point in the second century did Rome decide this?
    4. What made Rome decide to take Asia Minor? Was it (a) a fear that Asia Minor could become a threat to Roman territories? (b) a response to a request from a Roman ally?, or c) a strategic decision that saw the acquisition of Asia Minor as a benefit to Roman culture and ...

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    The expert examines the motivations for Roman Imperialism.