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    Cultural Imperialism

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    Tomlinson, in Cultural Imperialism: a Critical Introduction, London: Pinter Publishers, 1991, suggests that certain dominant cultures threaten to overwhelm other more vulnerable ones. He argues that cultural imperialism gathers in a number of fairly discrete discourses of domination: "of America over Europe, of the 'West over the rest' of the world, of the core over the periphery, of the modern world over the fast-disappearing traditional one, of capitalism over more or less everything and everyone" [p. 80]. Make a case for or against this argument.

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    On Cultural Imperialism

    When British critical theorist John Tomlinson (2001) coined the term 'cultural imperialism' as early as 1991, he was referring to a 1960's term under erasure that which was related to political and cultural identity of nations in the post-colonial era and the cultural erosion and danger of 'less dominant' societies in practicing and promulgating their own traditional beliefs and cultural practices. Essentially, the term is a kind of radical criticism of social trends wherein the culture, practices and traditions of a powerful country/social group is promoted, practiced and injected into that of weaker one which puts the practices and culture of the other in danger. This resonated of course with anti-Imperialist movement and neo-colonial theorists. For surely, in an increasingly globalized world, through exchange, communication and cross-cultural experience, some cultures are in danger of being questioned or forgotten altogether. Take for example the powerful medium of television. In developing countries the TV is changing outlook as well as introduces pro-western or completely Western practices and way of life. In the more modern metropolises of the third world for example where European and generally American practices have been adapted (i.e. Bangkok, Manila, Hanoi), the notions of feminism, ...

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