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    Research Paper Proposal on American Business History

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    Research Paper Proposal Format
    Use the following format for the research proposal as your "guide". Note the word "guide" because you may find a need, given the specific topic you have selected, to modify.

    A) Title Page
    It should be concise and descriptive - creative wouldn't hurt!

    B) The Purpose of Your Research
    State the purpose of your research and why it interests you. You are encouraged to select a topic that fosters your professional growth and development. You should also identify the audience for your work. Your research may traverse several fields (eg. Sports Psychology research might be of interest not just to psychologists, but also to teachers, doctors and parents). Your target audience determines what style of writing you may use, and/or what theories to apply.

    C) Opening Statement, Argument or Hypothesis
    The opening statement, argument or hypothesis focuses your ideas for the paper; it's your argument, insight or viewpoint summarized into a sentence or two that gives the reader your main idea. It present the rationale for you paper and clearly indicates why it is worth exploring. If you are not sure about how to refine, narrow or broaden your thesis, return to #2 above.

    D) Summarize two Internet Sources that Support your Topic
    Your proposal should summarize two web-based resources that support your topic. Choose the sources carefully. They should demonstrate your understanding of the research issues related to your topic and show your ability to critically evaluate/integrate the literary sources. Choose current, relevant, scholarly sources that can be found by visiting the Empire State College Online Library at http://www.esc.edu/library such as books or professional journal articles. If you are not sure how to do research or use the Empire State College Online Library, return to #1.

    E) Document and Cite your Sources
    By citing your sources you are letting your reader know that you've consulted experts whose ideas and information back up your own thoughts and ideas. You must cite your sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question. If you don't document, you could inadvertently plagiarizing. Visit the Empire State College's Writing Resource Center to get help with documenting sources or visit Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation site.

    F) Expected Outcomes
    State here your expected outcomes from the research you will conduct on your topic. If you stated a new hypothesis you will need to state certain expected outcomes that you intend to prove.

    G) Is It Set In Stone?
    Goodness, no! The idea behind research is exploration. If it is set in stone, we might as well not bother with research. Your proposal outlines your intentions and a plan. Once you delve further into research you very well may find that your opinion, opening statement, etc. may need to be tweaked and edited.

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    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Research Paper Proposal

    Title Page: Self-Interest & Competition in Capitalist America

    As the title suggests, the paper will look at the relationships, instances and tendencies of successful American entrepreneurs and business throughout the years in relation to and in the commitment of larcenous and illegal activities for the purpose of wealth creation and gaining an advantage over the competition.

    Purpose of Research

    The paper asks: Is competitive American capitalism and the promise of wealth attractive to and reason enough for fraud and crime? By looking through history in the context of the social, economic and political events that shaped American business and the manner by which wealth creation is conducted, American capitalism and the tendency or proliference of questionable practices by even the Captains of Industry is explored and the ethics and acceptability of certain measures they have taken is questioned according to ideal standards. The audience for this paper are my fellow students and those interested in the subject matter, hence the tone of the writing is formal and academically situated. As one interested in social economics and how it has affected the shaping of the American identity and psyche, I feel that this topic is apt to today's socio-economic concerns due to the questions posed against current and recent measures and actions of the American financial sector in relation to the events that have led to the recession of 07-08, the financial meltdown which we are still recovering from and which began as an unregulated and unmitigated ...

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    The solution is an example of a research paper proposal based on the guidelines set (see above) as well as expectations on a paper on the tendencies of American entrepreneurs and big business throughout American business history to cross the line in relation to larcenous and questionable activities for the purpose of profit and expansion. It also contains an annotated bibliography/supporting sources that would be important references for the research. A word version of the solution is listed for easy printing and digital use.