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    Napoleon's Legacy

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    Identify two domestic and two diplomatic/military achievements of Napoleon. What was his greatest success? What was his worst blunder?

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    Some of the domestic achievements created by Napoleon included stabilizing France's economy, improving public education, and establishing the civil code. Napoleon was responsible for creating the Bank of France, which solved problems associated with government borrowing as well as stabilized currency in the country. It also facilitated payment of annuities and was regarded as the most stable and successful currency France ever had. It is still used as the central financial institution in the country.

    Another domestic achievement entailed the improved relations with the Church as Napoleon successfully improved relations with the Church and also had the Church officially recognize the newly formed Republic. As a result, the Church recognized titles of church land that were purchased during the French Revolution, and in return France and Napoleon freely allowed people ...

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    This is an in-depth look and comparison of Napoleon's greatest achievements and errors.