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Napoleon Bonaparte's Exile to St. Helena.

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This posting gives information about Napoleon that could be used as defense arguments against sending him to St. Helena but rather back to Elba after he initially escaped.

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Please allow some of my notes to guide you. Once you create your own ideas, please send to us for editing and feedback:

As you compile evidence as a member of the defense counsel for Bonaparte, please allow some of these ideas to offer convincing evidence:

First, you might acknowledge that Bonaparte should be returned to Elba because he truly believed that he was building a federation of free peoples in a Europe united under a liberal government. Please also note that Napoleon granted constitutions, introduced law codes, abolished feudalism, and created efficient governments. Please also note that he encouraged education, science, literature and the arts in these areas.

When trying to defend Napoleon, please also ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte's Exile to St. Helena is negated using evidence.