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Types of Power

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Which of these three types for power (military, economic or soft) will help United States or any other country maintain their power in the long-term?

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Types of Power

Political scientists and historians identify 3 types of power that are inherent or essential for a country to maintain its status, influence global status qou and events as well as attain cultural and political hegemony over others. These are military, economic and softpower (created via associations and co-opting with other nations). Military power is obvious - our history has taught us that since the time men had learned to settle their differences via battles and war, it is the victors that wrote history. Usurping the power of their conquered enemies, taking territories, people, wealth and treasure, war since the time of the ancients decided who gets to have the last say, the main authority.

On Military Power

The thing about the spoils of war, be it territory, authority or people - they push for the growth of the winning nation. Well, that is the theory back in the days of Genghis, of Darius, of the Alexander the Great and the Roman Caesars. WW1 and WW2 also showed that whoever won gets to shape the post-war society. America became a nation after winning its independence from Britain as decided by a bloody conflict that costs lives. War then is the answer when diplomacy has stopped working and only military power decides who gets to have the last say. Unlike the days of the Caesars however, we now live in a world where there are concerns about human rights, about international law. Even the victors, whatever their victory maybe will always be subject to a 'higher court' of human opinion. Consider the position of the US. No doubt the efforts against terrorism are necessary. After 9-11, fundamentalism and Islamic radicalism has ...

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Types of power are discussed - military, economic and soft power. They are discussed and explained as to their application in the real world. The solution also compares softpower to hardpower and exemplifies this with the way they are currently used by the US in dealing with Middle Eastern issues (i.e. the way US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton utilized 'soft power' in dealing with the 'Arab Spring'). It provides an opinion as a conclusion on which of the the types ought to be utilised by the US to maintain their power in the long term. References are listed for further exploration of the topic.