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    Authority and Power: Types of power, organizational structure, and departmentalization.

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    1. Explain the difference between Authority and Power:

    2. Explain the 5 types of power:

    3. Define "centralized" and "decentralized" organizational structures:

    4. Explain at least 2 ways to "departmentalize" organizations:

    5. Define "staff" vs. "line" responsibility (and give an example):

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    1. Explain the difference between Authority and Power:

    Authority is given in written form either by means of employment agreement between the employer and employee or is written in the job description or policies and procedures of the organization. Authority is given by some body to one person.However, power is taken by the person by his unique efficiency or leadership quality.

    2. Explain the 5 types of power:

    Charisma or personal power. The persons have the charisma to attract the persons, and in the organization, he has the power to attract the employees to work enthusiastically and give more productivity.In his absence, the same work force will not deliver the same result. An individual's charisma is normally due to the personality of the person.

    Punishment. Those who have the ability to create a negative outcome for a counterpart have the power of punishment. Managers ...

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