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    An Organizational Structure for a New Company Flow Chart

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    You have been tasked with creating an organizational structure for a new company that manufactures office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, and printers. The company plans to market the products domestically and internationally.

    Using the information you studied on organizational structures, create a flow chart for the company's organizational structure.

    Below the flowchart, identify the type of structure you selected for the company and outline why you feel that structure best fits the strategy of the organization.

    The book is Project Management Process Methodologies and Economics, 2nd Edition.

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    Organizational structure refers to the way an organization arranges people and jobs so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met.

    The size of the organization determines the organizational structure. In a large organization, for instance, decisions have to be made about delegation of various tasks. Other Factors include; revenue, the work type, geographical dispersion of its facilities and the range of business.

    Four basic managerial decisions have been identified that managers make as they develop an organizational structure.

    First, the organization's work must be divided into specific jobs. This is referred to as the division of labor.

    Second, Unless the organization is very small, the jobs must be grouped in some way, which is called departmentalization.

    Thirdly, the number of people and jobs that are to be grouped together must be decided. This is related to the number of people that are to be managed by one person, or the span of control - the number of employees reporting to a single manager.

    Fourth, the ...

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