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Horizontal Flow, Inward-Outward Flow, Vertical Information flow

Horizontal Flow, Inward-Outward Flow, Vertical Information flow, and Downward Information Flow of financial data in the Kuali system

Please carefully explain (in general) the kinds of data involved, who's doing what to them, and what effects they have, with reference to the appropriate financial and other information. You aren't expected to be comprehensive, just to trace out one or two specific illustrations of each type of flow in terms of a typical organizational chart or using the Kuali Foundation as an example.

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The flow of information in any corporation can occur in the following modes: upwards, downwards, horizontally, vertically inward and outward. The flow that is adopted by an organization is dependent on the structure that is operational in the organization. The kuali foundation is a non profit organization that holds the mission of fostering the creation of administrative software that are aimed at serving the needs of educational institutions. The general relations that have been created between the organization and other foundation such University of Cambridge, North-west and Indiana to mention but a few has made the foundation to have excellent partnership.

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Horizontal flow, inward-outward flow and vertical information flow is examined.