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Decisions about Organizational Structure

Determine an organizational structure for Mercury Shoes.

Determine an How a company, government, or not-for-profit forms teams and assigns work tasks and responsibilities to those teams, including which individuals and managers report to whom.

Choose from among the suggested organizational structures or develop one of your own to align with your strategic direction.

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Determine an organizational structure for Mercury Shoes.
* I believe the type of organizational structure that would be appropriate for Mercury shows would be one that leans more on line functions.
* I therefore believe that the optimum organizational structure based on the memo and especially the action plan is the line organizational structure. I highly recommend this structure because they provide the informal environment where decision-makers interact directly with their staff, and decisions are implemented quickly. This structure is very decentralized, enabling the employees have a direct say on what they perceive the best way for the product to be ...

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Decisions about organizational structures are examined.