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Modern Examples of the Humanities

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Differentiate between the humanities and other modes of human inquiry and expression. Be sure to address the following items:
- Define the term humanities.
- Distinguish the humanities from other modes of human inquiry and expression.
- List a current example of each type of the following humanities and explain why each example you give reflects current developments in politics, socioeconomics, and technology:
- Art
- Music
- Architecture
- Philosophy
- Literature

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This solution contains 1090 words, and 4 quality references. It covers the humanities and other modes of human inquiry. Humanities is defined, and distinguished from other modes of inquiry and expression. In addition, examples are given over a wide range of humanity studies.

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Humanities as a definition relate to its singular form humanity (Humanities, 2012). Properly, humanities are defined as branches of knowledge dealing with human thought and culture through philosophy, art, and literature, also called the liberal arts (Humanities, 2012). The humanities allow peoples of every nationality to express their feelings, explore their ideas, and share their culture. The humanities give people hope, primarily because they allow people to share their ideas in unique and creative ways. These endeavors in turn help people view their world in different ways that are relatable to people of all ages. As an example, the concept of the environment could be expressed vocally, and studied by scientists all over the world, but when an artist uses a brush on canvas that reveals these truths in color, it can instantly become ironically ingrained in the consciousness of human imagination for generations to come, allowing everyone to formulate ideas and opinions about pollutions effects. The artist in this example takes a concept and joins it emotionally with the human element.

The Distinguishing Elements of Expression
The humanities set themselves apart from other methods of human inquiry and expression in a few ways. Most notably other forms of human inquiry and expression do not deal with human subjects. That is to say, they deal with concepts that transcend human constructs to investigate natural processes. We again could mention the environmental aspect of pollution and statistically measure the results relative to our lakes and streams. Statistically speaking the human element is not present in this type of study, but it is well within the boundaries of human interest. That is to say, people have a need to ...

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