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Literary Characters in Dante's Inferno

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Write an 800-900 word essay that places three characters from various literary works in Dante's Hell. One character must come from a work studied during Week 6. The other two characters must come from two different weeks. (For example, do not select another character from Week 6 or two characters from Week 3.)
The essay should include these components:
? An introduction identifying the characters you've selected and stating where they belong in Dante's Hell.
? Well-organized body paragraphs supporting your choice of characters and placements. These paragraphs should begin with effective transitions and have specific readings to both the Inferno and the works the characters come from.
? A conclusion that summarizes the essay without content repetition or new ideas.
Need references/APA format and need about 800 to 900 words

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Dear Student,
Hi. I find this particular problem of yours intriguing and I fancy that your professor really thought this assignment up very well as it will showcase how much you have actually understood of the characters in each of your readings plus show how much you have come to digest of Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. I understand how it can appear to be quite challenging. After all, Dante writes as an epic poet and not in prose. Do not worry, 800 words is not so much as along as we tackle familiar characters and then put them in particular 'hells'. First may I suggest a structure/outline? This will make it easier:

Introduction - 200 words - what is Dante's inferno and why it is interesting and the characters you have chosen to put in the various hells.
Character 1 - explain why you chose him, which hell you place him and why. 200 words.
Character 2 - explain why you chose him, which hell you place him and why. 200 words.
Character 3 - explain why you chose him, which hell you place him and why. 200 words.
References list - a list of whatever materials you used to put together your paper, including your class materials.

As you can see, its already 'doable' outline-wise. Now let us just chose the characters and their related 'hells'. In the solution below I have given you interesting choices. You can use this to get you started in this particular paper. Good luck and don't forget to include important bits that your professor included in your discussion of these characters. Good luck and if you have any questions regarding this paper, just let me know.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

In Dante's Hell

Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy' is an epic poem that charted the journey of the protagonist, Dante himself through the layers of Hell, then Purgatory ending in Heaven. It is an allegorical depiction of the worldview prominent in the Middle Ages of what afterlife is like as promoted by the Catholic Church. Having been written between 1308-1312 in Dante's Tuscan dialect, it pushed Tuscan to be the most prominent Italian dialect and at the same time Dante's views of the afterlife to become the established and accepted notion of what afterlife is like according to the Western Church. Upon release, it established its literary as well as cultural importance. Today it is seen as one of the greatest allegorical and epic poems in world literature. Since his work started with 'Inferno' or Hell, this exercise will also attempt to put a particular 'soul' in may of the layers of this said hell, chosen as they are due to the peculiarities of said characters. I have ...

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