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English - Paragraph Revision

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Revise the paragraphs below to improve their unity, development, and coherence.

1. Vivaldi was famous and influential as a virtuous violinist and composer. Vivaldi died in poverty, having lost popularity in the last years before his death. He had been acclaimed during his lifetime and forgotten for two hundred years after his death. Many composers suffer that fate. The baroque revival of the 1950s brought his music back to the public's attention.

2. People who want to adopt an exotic pet need to be aware of the consequences. Baby snakes and reptiles can seem fairly easy to manage. Lion and tiger cubs are playful and friendly. They can seem as harmless as kittens. Domestic cats revert to a wild state quite easily. Adult snakes and reptiles can grow large. Many species of reptiles and snakes require carefully controlled environments. Big cats can escape. An escaped lion or tiger is a danger to itself and to others. Most exotic animals need professional care. This kind of care is available in zoos and wild animal parks. The best environment for an exotic animal is the wild.

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The famous and influential virtuous violinist and composer is examined. The unity, development and coherence are given.

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Many composers suffer the fate of Vivaldi a famous and influential violinist and composer who died in poverty and obscurity during the last years of his life. Vivaldi was acclaimed throughout his lifetime prior to his last years, but largely forgotten for over 200 years following his death. ...

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