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    American Revolution and Minorities

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    Discuss the significance of the American Revolution to the following groups: colonists, slaves, native populations, and women.

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    Colonists themselves obviously benefited as a result of the American Revolution, as one can see by how much white males thrived for centuries in this country. What is interesting is that each of the other groups mentioned benefited over longer periods of time, because that white male privilege eroded or was no longer necessary for that group to thrive.

    First, consider the issue of African slavery. While it is true that the British promulgated and thrived on slave labor (most notably during the Triangle Trade phase of history), it is also true that they were ...

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    This 400-word solution discusses the immediate and future impact of the American Revolution on several minority groups, including colonists, slaves, native populations and women. It also describes the status of those groups in contrast to colonists, in particular white males, and how colonists viewed each of the minority groups.