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    Arguments For and Against Affrimative Action

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    Choose a current topic/issue focusing on legislation (i.e.policies, governmental mandates, etc...) in human resource management. Research both sides of the issue posed by supporters and non-supporters of the topic.

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    This is a guideline and notes revolving around the policy of Affirmative Action.

    Affirmative action policies continue to be hotly debated in America, particularly in the public sector. Affirmative action is best known as being a stated policy that is designed to give both minority groups and women a great opportunity in the work force, among other sectors in American society. The policy actually prohibits employers, landlords, and others from discriminating against a person the basis of race, sex, religion, and a host of other factors, such as the recently included sexual orientation. In terms of human resources management, the policy is also meant to encourage employers to recruit, hire, and protect any individual belonging to a protected group, namely minority groups and women. In the end, however, many argue that affirmative action in the work place amounts to little more than institutionalized racial profiling and this argument is not without merit. Others contend that many qualified candidates for a position are not given serious consideration in deference to affirmative action. The arguments against affirmative action seem to be stronger than those for. Additionally, many would argue that the provisions of affirmative action are covered under the Civil Rights Act and the meeting of quotas should not be implemented because employers should already be giving fair consideration to minorities and women as a protected class.

    While private employers often are permitted a great deal of latitude in terms of the extent to which they choose to implement affirmative action, public agencies are largely expected to comply almost to the letter of the policy. ...

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    This response looks at the arguments for and against the policy of Affirmative Action, as it specifically relates to the workplace. The argument against Affirmative Action is stronger.